Erik Raymond, Chief Freedom Creator


As a Christian who continues to search for knowledge and understanding – often finding them in adventure – I can truly say that I am One of the Kids at The Freedom Kids

After graduating with a degree in English I set off to travel the world, primarily in the Arab World. Living in Egypt, Israel and the West Bank, I was immersed quickly in the Arab culture and Arabic language. And you know what? All those experiences resulted in more love for my own country.

My hunger for life’s truths has brought me around the world as a student, writer and journalist. As a “recovering” journalist my thirst for the truth has never been stronger. 

America is full of rich history and within that history are so many unbelievably great people. People like America’s Founders who risked it all to forge a path that was free.

My goal as Chief Freedom Creator and One of the Kids is to work tirelessly to uncover the truth about our past, and showcase it in a fun and exciting way for kids. I can’t wait for our future and the future of our country. Hopefully, The Freedom Kids can free you too!



Riley Allen, Chief Freedom Advocate

I’m a trial lawyer by trade, but my first passion is surfing, and big wave surfing in particular.  Surfing makes you humble; you learn quickly to appreciate the power of the ocean and how you are never totally in control.  It also provides plenty of time for reflection and time to speak to God.  I often ask: How do I really honor you, Lord, and make a difference? How do I bear real “fruit” as the Bible defines it? 

I know I have to start by taking the “first step.”  If I don’t get up and get started, I won’t change a thing.  But, if I do, I can help change the world.    
The Freedom Kids is without a doubt spirit led.  God speaks to me quietly and subtly.  I have to be attuned to listening.  I have to put my interest in myself aside.  When I do listen, amazing things occur.  

The Freedom Kids is the result of a small group of attuned listeners hearing the call of God to fill a void in the teaching of our children.  How do we teach the founding of America and American History and eliminate God’s impact?  How do we ignore the faith in God that motivated phenomenal individuals to sacrifice so much in the service of God that has had such a profound effect on all Americans?  The Freedom Kids bridges the gap by teaching the complete story of our American History in an entertaining, fictional format that will allow kids to learn, retain, and appreciate those who have helped to make America hands down the greatest country in the world with freedoms that everyone else aspires to. 

As a trial lawyer, I’ve been an advocate for thousands over the course of my legal career.  But, I realize that my advocacy journey on behalf of educating our children will be one of the most important journeys in my lifetime.  Won’t you join us?  It’s going to be a cool ride!