Patrick Henry's Fight. Was it in Vain?

James Madison pondered if Patrick Henry had been right all along in opposing a Constitution without a Bill of Rights? Are we doomed to live in tyranny without the protection of liberty? 

What if, Madison thought, taxation did become oppressive? Or the government did become consolidated? What if the states became impotent in the face of an ever growing central government? What if foreign treaties endangered our freedoms and crushed our sovereignty? What if this new government moved so far away from the principles they all agreed on that it could not even pay the interest on its legal debts? What if privacy was no longer respected? What if the press was not independent and instead an instrument of the state. 

"Virtue will slumber. The wicked will be continuing watching. Consequently, you will be undone." Patrick Henry's words echoed all around him. 

Madison then heard the words of anti-federalist James Monroe. "There are no limits pointed out. They are not restrained or controlled for making any law however oppressive."

A cacophony of trepidation shuddered throughout Madison's head. 

Wouldn't this Constitution and it's Bill of Rights protect us from this tyranny?


The Freedom Kids asks you. Did it?