Why Common Core Matters–10 Points

The Common Core Education Standards (CCES) matter. I repeat: Common Core matters! They matter because they are going to further destroy America's education system. CCES teaches kids what to think when it should teach how to think. This is in complete contrast to what the Founding Fathers heralded as Individual Liberty. 

If, as parents, we think about it, this initiative that completely erodes state and local control of your child's education was passed in 46 states under the darkness of night in 2010. When the states adopted these "standards" they willingly relinquished their ability to control and to compose their own education requirements. And how did the Obama Administration persuade states to adopt these "standards?" Easy–$4.35 billion. Your kids were bought and sold like slaves.

In addition, the Obama Administration, and the architects of CCES–the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)–has influenced parents with the argument of "who could be against standards?"

However, the problem with these "standards" is that they don't arm children with a better education or reward the system with higher learners. What do these "standards" do? They line the pockets of big business, thus enslaving your children into a system that is doomed to produce mediocrity across the board. 

Assistant Professor of Political Science at Fordham University Nicholas Tampio sees the forest through the trees. In his article in the Huffington Post, “Do We Need a Common Core?” he states the problem quite simply. “The class… has gone from one where teachers, aides, parents, and students work hard to create a rewarding educational experience, to one where the teachers and students use materials designed by a major publishing house.” And I add that major corporations such as Pearson, McGraw Hill and Apple are cashing in on the implementation of the CCSS curriculum in public schools.


Here are 10 initial reasons to question, if not boycott Common Core:

1. Common Core further nationalizes education–putting the curriculum and your child's future in the hands of bureaucrats hundreds, if not thousands of miles away

2. One Size Fits All education doesn't work–all kids are different and learn at different paces and abilities, thus failing many students and granting more money to the big corporations who profit from the failure of the students

3. Parents have less say/no say over their child's education–because it is taken out of local control changing the curriculum in the classroom will be like going to the DMV, trying to change your picture on your Driver's License 

4. Teachers will have less/no control over their classrooms–teachers are less able to innovate and experiment as the classroom dictates 

5. Common Core is terrible for taxpayers–just in Washington state alone implementation of CCES will cost taxpayers more than $300 million, and California estimates it will cost their taxpayers roughly $760 million–all of this money and there is no evidence that it will improve education

6. Common Core violates privacy–the data mining not only includes tests scores, but political beliefs, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and even what books the child and parents prefer

7. Common Core resembles "No Child Left Behind," which left all our children behind–more teaching to a test and less critical thinking

8. Common Core is Unconstitutional–the power and control over education is not delegated to the federal government in the constitution, but rather to the states

9. Common Core will force some states to move backward, dumbing down their populace to streamline with the aggregate scores of the national average

10. Common Core replaces traditional texts like Mark Twain's "Huckleberry Finn" that teaches individuality with government approved texts that preach collectivism


Now, we are just getting started with the horror that is Common Core. 

If you want to learn more about the calamity that is already amongst us watch this great documentary, "Building the Machine."