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The Freedom Kids is all about religious and individual liberty, teaching it by experiencing the history of America through narrative middle-grade fiction. We have created over 35 books across multiple eras – New World, Sons of Liberty, Antebellum & Reconstruction, Gilded Age, Depression & War, and End of Empires – exploring the important events and integral historical characters who made America the most compassionate superpower the world has ever known. 

The Freedom Kids are huge history nerds. However, we don’t find inspiration in the mundane memorization of dates and names of the past, but in the stories. Our inspiration comes from the stories of individuals who forged ahead for freedom’s sake.

Travel back in time with Professor Waldo Franklin and his Band of Patriots – Jax, Raven, Moe, and Amelia – to fight for religious and individual liberty. Accompanying Thomas Jefferson in his signing of a declaration of war on the Barbary States, questioning Patrick Henry on the necessity of a Bill of Rights to protect our civil liberties, and voyaging with William Bradford to the New World in search of religious freedom are just glimpses into the experiences kids will gain with our content.

So, please check out our Stories and our Liberty Blog and unleash the patriot in you!

Kids that don't know their true history will never be given the tools to secure their future liberty. 




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Find out about our organization, mission, our vision, and the results of our dedication to liberty of advocacy.

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