The Freedom Kids is all about religious and individual liberty. As such, we believe we have the moral obligation to teach our history and heritage so that we may continue the greatest experiment the world has ever comprehended: the United States of America.

America is the success story that no other nation or empire has ever realized and to continue as such we must know our history – the successes and the mistakes – so that we may continue as that shining city on a hill.

The legacy of America is one of faith, generosity, and humility, but if America’s kids don’t learn that then they are condemned to the fate of the world’s masses and doomed to live under tyranny.

We at The Freedom Kids are huge history nerds. However, we don’t find inspiration in the mundane memorization of dates and names of the past, but in the stories. Our inspiration comes from the stories of individuals who forged ahead for freedom’s sake.

History is not all about heroes, but of fallible men and women and, yes, plenty of villains as well. We need to learn it all. However, America is not an evil country as too many kids are “taught” today.  America is truly an exceptional country that in less than 250 years went from being subjects of a king to the greatest and most kindhearted superpower the world has ever known. The mission of The Freedom Kids is to keep this country alive with the knowledge of our past.

All that being said, we believe that America is in decline. This is due to the radical agenda of hiding the truths of our past successes.

Our mission is to transform future generations for all our futures. We have developed a exciting narrative-based historical fiction series’ that teaches kids America’s true history. This is nothing like the history books your kids would rather make paper airplanes out of, but transformational stories, teaching them about the individuals who built our country. Accompanying Thomas Jefferson in his signing of a declaration of war on the Barbary States, questioning Patrick Henry on the necessity of a Bill of Rights to protect our civil liberties, and voyaging with William Bradford to the New World in search of religious freedom are just glimpses into the experiences kids will gain with our content.

These stories will help a generation lost learn why it’s so important at this time in history to be American.

It's impossible to teach American history without the legacy of Judeo-Christian values and how they are intertwined within the American Founding.

What follows are samples of our stories from different eras in American history. Learn along with Professor Waldo Franklin and his Band of Patriots, and take back our country with our founding principles of faith, generosity and humility.

We periodically rotate them so be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can stay in the know! We hope you enjoy!

Completed books in their respective eras–

New World

Captain John Smith
William Bradford
Myles Standish
Anne Bradstreet
Anne Hutchinson
William Penn

Sons of Liberty

George Washington
John Hancock
Patrick Henry
Alexander Hamilton
Paul Revere
George Whitefield
Samuel Adams
Benedict Arnold
Women of the Revolution
John Adams
John Jay
James Madison
Benjamin Franklin

Antebellum & Reconstruction

Abraham Lincoln
Frederick Douglass
Abolition & Antebellum
James Monroe
Andrew Jackson
Lewis & Clark

Gilded Age 

Manifest Destiny & Westward Expansion
Industrial Boom
Roaring 20's 

Depression & War


End of Empires

Ronald Reagan