Book Jacket Blurbs



"My 12 year old daughter and I read the stories about Waldo and his Band of Patriots. She hung on every word and wants to read the books herself. She thinks that our family is a lot like the Band of Patriots because she loves to learn real history and not the things being taught in school today."

–Trevia from Richland, Washington



"My family loves your books! What you are doing is great. Keep it going and don't ever stop!"

Tonya from Richmond, Kentucky; Homeschool Teacher 



"We love all the TFK stories that we've read so far! Love this idea! My kids are 8 and 10 and are involved in politics and promote their love of our country in our home. These books are a wonderful compliment! Keep up what you're doing. We need more of this and less of what they teach in our schools. Thanks!"

–Erin from Kennett Square, Pennsylvania 



"My wife, Jeanie, is a retired Assistant Superintendent of a large school district in Orange County and is currently an educational leadership coach in districts around the state. She is very passionate about history and has read a great deal of TFK's content, as well as reviewing your platform and mission. The stories you so eloquently weave with true American history were educational, entertaining, and extremely well written. We identified with the Band of Patriots as we love God, our family, our country, and are grateful for our freedom. We would totally recommend your books to our family and community." 

–Ron and Jeanie from Orange County, California



"Our entire family are huge TFK fans! These fantastic stories bring history to life. Our eight year old loves history but, since beginning these stories- she now refers to herself as an expert. Her biggest compliments to the authors are when she says, 'I can see these stories happening in my head!!' She has said many times that she feels as if she has been transported back in time and is experiencing life with the characters. This is great stuff!! Can't wait to begin reading these to our almost five year old son. Keep them coming! Please!!"

–Erika from Southbury, Connecticut 



"Thank you for all you do! It is so very important to get kids interested in what makes our country great. It is equally important to teach them the history that built this nation. My daughter is 13 & my son is 7. They love The Freedom Kid's."




"The site is great. The stories have helped my daughter with her history class. Please, keep it going!"




"We have read through several of your samples chapters online and my daughter has enjoyed them greatly. My daughter is particularly partial to Waldo Franklin and I would DEARLY love to place items like this under the Christmas tree for her!
Thank you for doing such a wonderful job of ensuring kids learn the REAL history of this country."




"We're reading the materials as a family, in particular with two boys aged 10 and 13. Thanks for the hard work you're putting into this. I look forward to reading more!"




"Love the Facebook page and website. Love our history your telling! Keep it coming!"




"My son has autism and is fascinated with history and your stories!




"Saw your content from your the Facebook posts. This is important and I'm glad its finally being done! Will help spread this as much as possible!"




 "I love this!"




"My 11 year old son is so very excited about reading these books! He has the entire "I Survived" collection and can't wait for these new books of yours!"




"I am a high school history teacher and pride myself in providing my students with true American history. As a matter of fact, I use this site often in my lessons. I love the Constitution and what this country was meant to be. There may not be many of us, but we are out there delivering the truth despite Common Core!"